Physical distancing rules on Caledonian MacBrayne ferries: FOI release

Information requested

1. What is the medical and scientific justification for the maintenance of this rule on CalMac ferries, given that other forms of transport in Scotland cannot enforce the same restrictions? Your website confirms this as follows : “You should also adhere to physical distancing whilst on public transport, at stations, terminals and stops. When staying 1 metre apart may not be possible, you should wear a face covering, unless exempt, keep the time you spend with others as short as possible and avoid physical contact.” (my emphasis)

2. What involvement, if any, has the RMT union had in having the 1 metre social distancing rule kept rigidly in place on CalMac ferries? What is the Government’s position on the RMT stance as expressed in their letter to Nicola Sturgeon of 12th July, 2021?

3. The Scottish Government opted to make pre-testing for Covid-19 prior to travel to the Scottish islands a “voluntary scheme”. Please explain why you did not make pre-testing compulsory which might, then, have allowed for easing of the 1 metre rule on ferries

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Published Date 8 Sep 2021 Subject Mode of transport Topic