Pothole repair on M77 northbound: EIR release

I note that the Inspection Defect Summary Report (Annex A) shows that no defects were recorded. However, I note that the Defect Report (Annex B) records several defects including a defect dated 15/02/18, "2 large potholes in outside lane at MP 13/7 & 13/7+50, carry out repairs with back up of to IPV vehicles. Could you please provide some further information regarding this matter? In particular, I should be grateful if you could please confirm when this incident was first identified. Additionally, please could you provide comprehensive details of how carriageway safety inspections are undertaken and how you define a pothole as requiring attention.

I should also be grateful if you could please forward me details, with personal details redacted if necessary, of all incidents, complaints and/or enquiries relating to the M77 Northbound between Jct 4 & 5 between the period 01/01/18 to 01/03/18.

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Published Date 8 Jun 2018 Subject Mode of transport