Prior and currently considered bridge crossing at River Don on the Orange Route: EIR release

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“Please provide the following information whether data is held by Transport Scotland, its affiliates, contractors or their subcontractors.

For any prior (ie before October 2019) considered bridge crossings over the River Don on the Orange Route (FOI/19/02397)

For the currently (October 2019) considered bridge crossing the River Don on the Orange Route (FOI/19/02398)

  1. A copy of the previous/current plans including elevations and sections,
  2. Design documents available for the aforementioned design
  3. Details of the footings in terms of size and depth which such footings are proposed to be sunk / installed.
  4. An elevation drawing clearly showing a referenced river height and flood plain elevation
  5. Any impact assessment / flood modelling which has been undertaken to determine the increase in flood risk to the Inverurie / Port Elphinstone areas as a result of installing such a bridge.
  6. Advise whether such modelling includes 100 year flood data, 200 year flood data or a different duration.
  7. Advise whether such modelling considers the effect of climate change and the resulting increased flood risk.
  8. Advise whether such modelling considers the effect of developments upstream of the proposed bridge and the reduced ground absorption and higher run off rates which result.
  9. Advise whether the flood modelling considers elevated levels in the River Don only, the River Ury only or both the rivers quantifying which worst case scenario has been considered.
  10. Advise the number of houses and business which are modelled to be affected by the flooding event.
  11. Provide the associated modelled flood map.
  12. Provide details including maps of any flood alleviation features which are proposed to mitigate against flooding in the Inverurie and Port Elphinstone areas.
  13. Advise whether the responsibility of maintaining such features will be the responsibility of Transport Scotland, or the local Aberdeenshire Council.
  14. Advise whether and if so how including the output as to whether SEPAs Engineering in the Water Environment : Good Practice Guide : River Crossings was considered during the design or assessment of such a bridge.
  15. Provide an estimate of construction cost for this bridge.”

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Published Date 3 Dec 2019 Subject Mode of transport