Questions relating to the Emergency Measures Agreement (EMA): FOI release

Information requested

1. I've read the EMA agreement and am I right in saying that Abellio actually submitted a budget claim to you and are therefore responsible for planning the perceived staffing requirements and wages bill?

2. Is it true that they were given a £12 million management fee?

3. Also, do you have any direct say in staffing levels and appointments to vacant posts or is that reserved to the Executive Team of Abellio?

4. The reason I am asking is it seems they are trying to close posts and are, in this case, targeting someone with Mental Health Issues. It would assist me in a particular case as they say they have no jobs to accommodate this particular individual whereas I believe there are plenty; I believe more than a few hundred. I have been unsuccessful in obtaining a list of current vacant posts thus far and am hoping that you have responsibility in this area and I can obtain it via a Freedom of Information request.

5. It has been a common tactic of Abellio and their predecessors to run the service with as few staff as possible, despite the issues it causes, to maximise profits. Indeed, at the moment any appointments.

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Published Date 3 Feb 2021 Subject Mode of transport