Repair work undertaken to sections of the M8: EIR release

Information requested

"Full details of all repair work that has been undertaken to section of the M8 as follows:

Eastbound carriageway of the M8 (in direction of Edinburgh) between Junction 3a and 3.

Details to include depths of all potholes present and the repair work that was undertaken to repair these.

Information to cover all repairs undertaken from 6pm on 20th December 2021 to the current day."

On 16 March you further clarified that you "would like to have full details on all the repair work that has been done to the carriageway surface over this time frame which should include all repair work to the potholes. I trust that the details provided will include all the damage (e.g depth and condition of potholes) and remedial work that was taken."

Full response and associated documentation available at:

Published Date 4 Apr 2022 Subject Mode of transport