Resurfacing carried out on A83 at Holmlea, Kilkenzie questions: EIR release

In November 2015 resurfacing was carried out on A83 at Holmlea, Kilkenzie, Campbeltown, PA28 6QD. Please can you advise:

1. What notice was given to the residents of the A83 in Kilkenzie for the planning for the resurfacing of the road in November 2015. If so, please provide a copy.

2. What consideration was given to the properties on the A83 for the environmental impact of the resurfacing? Please provide evidence.

3. Was an environmental assessment carried out? If, so please forward a copy.

4. Was the water run-off from the adjacent fields taken into consideration with the environmental assessment for the resurfacing.

5. Has there been any assessments since the resurfacing in November 2015.

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Published Date 18 Sep 2019 Subject Projects Mode of transport