Road and footway maintenance and management questions: EIR release

We would be obliged if you would provide us with the following information. We confirm that the request is made under the Freedom of Information (Scotland) Act 2002.

  1. Has the footway at the locus been adopted for maintenance by you and was it so adopted on 28th June 2019.
  2. Have you taken steps to comply with Well-Maintained Highways: Code of Practice for Highway Maintenance Management (2005) and/or Well-Managed Highway Infrastructure: A Code of Practice (2016)? In particular have you formally adopted the recommendations of either Code? Please let us have all relevant documentation.
  3. Do you have a Highway Management Plan? If so, please send us a copy.
  4. In terms of your policy, what is the frequency of inspection for the footway, and how is the inspection to be carried out? eg. On foot or drive-by.
  5. In terms of your policy, what kind of footway defects are considered to be hazardous, and requiring intervention and repair?
  6. In terms of your policy, what is the target repair time(s) for defects on roads and footways which are deemed hazardous, and requiring intervention and repair?
  7. Please let us have the road and footway inspection and maintenance records for the above locus for the period 28th June 2018 to date.   In addition may we have sight of the repairs  and job  records for the locus for the period  28th June 2018 to date.

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Published Date 12 Nov 2019 Updated Date 11 Nov 2019 Subject Mode of transport