Road defects categories and response times: EIR release

I refer to the letter referenced NW/A82/17/1208, dated 22.06.17.

I need several statements made in the above letter clarified.

  1. I would like a definition of what exactly is a "CAT 1" as there is no description given in the letter. Please provide me with a list of "CATs" and a description of each.
  2. In the letter it states that an inspection was carried out on 29/3/17 at the location of the incident. However it does not say when the repair was actually carried out. When was this repair actually carried out? I would also like you to provide me with evidence of this.
  3. Please provide me with a list of calls/correspondence from the public or Police Scotland regarding any defects on the following stretch of road from 4th of January 2017 - 4th of July 2017: A82 from Inveruglas going north for three miles.

Full response and associated documentation available at: