Road studs - North West unit; defective, replacements and resurfaced numbers: EIR release

You asked for: "As a regular user of the trunk roads i would like information on road studs and road stud defects on the network particularly northwest unit.

How many defective road studs are there per route? please can you provide numbers per route over the last 3 year inspection data

How many road stud schemes have been delivered per route over the last 3 years. and how many studs have been replaced in each scheme. please exclude resurfacing schemes from this.

How many studs have been replaced in resurfacing schemes over the last 3 yrs by route

What percentage of studs have been lost from stud replacement and resurfacing schemes per route over the last 3 Years."

A further clarification confirmed that you would like this information for the North West Unit only and that you would prefer it over calendar years as opposed to financial years.

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Published Date 21 Feb 2020 Subject Mode of transport