Several questions regarding traffic signals on A75 in Springholm: FOI release

13 questions in relation to traffic lights in Springholm and clarified your request on 18 November:

  • "Details of the time delays now operating at the eastbound and westbound exiting channel signals between initial detection of a speeding vehicle and the commencement of presentation of the amber signal preceding red. If this delay varies according to location, time of day etc please give the respective periods and reasons for the variation.

  • By what means/technology the trigger signal from each of the four sets of inductive loops is now being transmitted to the respective signal control units.  If the signalling method varies please confirm the technology with respect to each of the four controlled channels. Please also confirm that the loops at Faulds Cottage still transmit speed data to ATC SH4.

  • Confirmation of any systemic trigger signal upper speed level override/cancellation which such drivers may be exploiting

  • Confirmation of any known technology e.g. bluetooth signal blocking which such professional rogue drivers may be deploying to defeat the public safety the signals are intended to afford

  • What investigatory action or public safety action by way of hard gateway calming etc , if any, does Transport Scotland now propose to initiate to end this obvious systemic failure of these signals under the conditions we have filmed

  • We request reconfirmation of the distances between the respective replaced points of detection and their respective signal halt line

  • We find that the transverse white on red slow down road marking, as shown in the attached images taken near Rose Cottage and at Mill Dam are now absent.  Why has this traffic calming measure been removed altogether.

  • We wish to know the indentity of your source of information that the system speed thresholds remain unchanged so we may submit a FOISA request to them

  • What part, if any, of the forgoing understanding you may dispute as incorrect and, if so what is your position on the facts relating to these VAS units

  • We wish confirmation of the present trigger speed values of the all Crocketford and Springholm A75 VAS units

  • Where any of these VAS units are set, in effect, to  tolerate a degree of speeding we wish to know the specific public safety policy basis for maintaining that tolerance

  • What measures, if any, does Transport Scotland plan to take to combat this most unwelcome development

  • We wish to know what progress, if any has been made in this regard and the anticipated timescales for such approval or indeed the liklihood of such approval. We also request disclosure of any written communication which refers, suggest or requests a reduction in red trigger activation frequency here as a prerequisite to obtaining any such approval. Have you received any such communication

  • When, if at all, will this safety sign damage be rectified

  • The western off side chevron sign previously displaying hazard/caution warning of the approaching left hand bend before entering Springholm has evidently also been destroyed in an RTC. We are disappointed its replacement has not so far been prioritised, if indeed its destruction has even been noted by ScotlandTranserv. Has an order been issued for its replacement, and when will this chevron sign be replaced?

  • When will these road surface defects be properly rectified by resurfacing?

  • On 2nd May 2019 ScotlandTranserv distributed to villagers a Springholm Road Safety Measures Attitude Survey seeking their thoughts, opinions and attitudes to the various courses of action they have undertaken in Springholm, per a multiple question survey and additional comments section. May we have an identity redacted analysis of the number and range of responses to each set question and transcript of any comments?"

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Published Date 17 Dec 2019 Subject Mode of transport