Speed surveys in Sanquhar: EIR release

  1. Have any plans been made to take steps to enforce the 30mph speed limit in Sanquhar?
  2. What is proposed in relation to this?
  3. Have any surveys, or monitoring, been undertaken to obtain the full extent of the problem in relation to excessive speeding in the 30mph zone through Sanquhar?
  4. Residents have expressed concern at the problems that exist in relation to HGVs thundering through the 30mph speed limit at all hours of the day and night in this zone. There are other issues with speeding cars and motor bikes as well. It is understood that both the MSP for Upper Nithsdale and MP for Dumfriesshire, have made representations on their behalf. Has Transport Scotland pursued any action regarding this subsequently?
  5. Since there is a serious risk to public safety here, the speeding is on a road which passes by a school, industrial estate, pedestrian areas and shops, what is the reason for the failure to reduce the speed of vehicles to date?

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Published Date 22 Sep 2017 Subject Mode of transport