Subsidy given to support new CalMac terminal at Ullapool: FOI release

1) How much government subsidy was given to support the new CalMac terminal at Ullapool?

2) Have there been any discussions, meetings or contact (formal or informal) between Stagecoach and either members of the government or administration/civil servants in regard to the bus service to Gills Bay and/or the bus service to Scrabster harbour?

3) Why should people who live in the Wick to John o’Groats area of Caithness and who are reliant on public transport be forced to travel 20-plus miles to catch a more expensive ferry which takes longer to get to Orkney, when only a few miles down the road from here we have a far more efficient, environmentally sustainable, cheaper and more convenient one?

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Published Date 12 Oct 2018 Subject Mode of transport