Sustrans Scotland quarterly report and other questions: FOI release

Information requested:

"1. The government document(s) which stipulate the design and delivery standard specifications and guidelines that must be conformed to in work funded by Sustrans. The framework also states: “A requirement of [Sustrans] grant offer is to provide a quarterly report for Transport Scotland on delivery of their programmes and performance against this criteria and the outputs detailed in their grant offer”. “Sustrans grant offer details the terms of program delivery”.

I understand Sustrans is paid by the Government to be able to offer training and advice services to local authorities and that Sustrans has staff embedded in GCC. Yet quality design and delivery and rectification of inappropriate past provision isn't being done effectively. In this context, how is funding the effectiveness of training and advice monitored?

2. A copy of the last quarterly Sustrans grant offer report. I wish to know whether Sustrans reports difficulties achieving quality. Please let me know if this is the case.

And, with regards one of many inappropriate designs, also provide me with:

3. A copy of the Sustrans grant offer report that covers the period of design and delivery of the aborted hazardous link path between Garrioch Drive and the Kelvin Way paths.

4. The government requirement(s) that stipulate(s) the basis of “the terms of programme delivery” and performance assessment to be met when undertaking a funded project."

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Published Date 30 Nov 2020 Subject Topic