Traffic accidents recorded on the A77 Ayr Road: EIR release

Information requested

1. How many minor/serious and fatal cycle road traffic accidents have been recorded in the last 5 years on the A77 Ayr Road designated mandatory cycle lane from Whitecraigs to Newton Mearns with its new 30mph Speed Limit?

2. This mandatory cycle lane is a component part of the 2% ‘Protected Cycle lanes’ within East Renfrewshire. From a Road Traffic Safety evidential perspective - what makes this section of Ayr Road a higher risk level, requiring a greater level of safety control, than the other 98% of East Renfrewshire Roads?

3. What is the numerical value in British Pounds for the Cost of a Life Averted in our Scottish Traffic Safety Management Risk Assessment process to reduce risks to the As Low As Reasonably Practicable (ALARP) level?

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Published Date 9 May 2022 Subject Mode of transport