Tram Inquiry costs: FOI release

  1. Can you advise whether the Tram Inquiry Team are paid on a daily or yearly rate?
  2. Is there an estimate of how long the Inquiry will take to complete?
  3. If the financial information is held within the Inquiry itself. Does that mean the Scottish Government does not know who gets paid what and whether they are paid on a day rate?
  4. Does the SG just give a lump sum to the Inquiry to be spent as they see fit?
  5. I wonder whether you would be kind enough to let me know the latest total cost of the Inquiry to date?
  6. I don't understand how the legal budget has been estimated if not worked out by the number of solicitors/QCs working for x hours at a rate of £y/hour. Perhaps you can clarify this for me?

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Published Date 20 Nov 2017 Subject Mode of transport