Transport Scotland A77 surveys various locations: EIR release

Copy of the data from the fresh survey work on the A77 road between Whitletts, Holmston and Bankfield? Or would I have to submit a Freedom of Information Request for this?” and

  1. Can you please provide a copy of the original speed survey which was carried out on the A77 road between Bogend Toll and Ardwell Bay in Ayrshire prior to the average speed cameras being installed in August 2005?   - This should detail when the survey was carried out and at what locations on the stretch of road. It should also list the speed vehicles were travelling at and at what times.
  2. Can you please supply the criteria used at that time to determine the location for the placement of each camera along the route?
  3. Can you tell me what the maximum single distance between two cameras is in other average speed networks in Scotland? (E.g. The maximum distance between two average speed cameras in Scotland is X miles at X location.)”

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Published Date 9 May 2019 Subject Mode of transport