Transport Scotland home working statistics: FOI release

Information requested

You asked for information regarding employees working from home.

Q. The number of employees in your organisation and, of these, the number able to perform their work remotely (i.e., not those who are front-line workers) and the number who have started returning to in person work.

Q. Since the start of the pandemic in March 2020, what has your organisational policy to employees working from home vs coming into work in person? Please explain this in terms of change to previous policy and how this has changed over the course of the pandemic.

Q. Did your organisation have enough of the basic equipment needed for transitioning to remote working during the pandemic? If not – how long did it take to provide everyone with the basic equipment (laptops) they required and implement remote-working?

Q. Did you provide further equipment at any point e.g. laptop stands, chairs, desks etc? If so what did you provide and was this based on a specified value (if so, how much was spent per remote worker)?

Q. Has your organisation created a policy for reversing the option for working from home and/or creating new hybrid working patterns, or returning fully to ‘pre-pandemic’ practices? If yes, please provide details of your policy including how many days a week you will be aiming to have employees working in person and by what specific date or date range you are aiming to achieve this.

Q. Has this changed or been delayed considering the government briefing on 29th November regarding the new Omicron Covid variant and updated advice?

Q. Did you consult your employees about their attitudes to returning to in person work? If so, please provide details of their responses (e.g. did you create a survey; if so, how many people responded and what % were in favour or against returning to the office?)

Q. Have you implemented any changes to pay for those working from home and if so, please describe the average change in pay rates and who it applies to. Were these changes implemented immediately or are you, for example, keeping current staff on the same pay but starting new remote employees on a lower rate? On what rational have you made changes to pay?

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Published Date 25 Jan 2022 Subject Topic