Transport Scotland's notices under Acquisition of Land Act: FOI release

"We would like to (and hereby do) make an Information Request that we be provided with all information collected by you pursuant to your statutory duty under Section 1 of the Acquisition of Land (Authorisation Procedure)(Scotland) Act 1947 for all Notices/Orders that;

1. Have been Served,

2. remain extant, (That is to say have been served but are not considered Complied with)

3. Have been Complied with (Where there are no works left to be carried out)

4. Have been Complied with but have invoices pending in respect of works carried out by or on behalf of you during the dates 15th January 2018 to the 9th July 2018."

In your response to our clarifications you confirmed that you would be content with our approach of providing a list detailing:

1. Draft Compulsory Purchase Orders;

2. Made Compulsory Purchase Orders; and

3. Made Compulsory Purchase Orders where the General Vesting Declaration has been made; that have been published since 2009.

Full response and associated documentation available at:

Published Date 8 Aug 2018 Subject