Upgrades carried out at Strone point on A83: FOI release

The minor upgrades carried out at Strone point on the A83, which I believe will be covered under Class 2 of your FOI publication schedule.

The works are described on this page of your website:


The information I would like to request is:

  1. The document which would have been produced before the project was undertaken which would have defined in detail the works to be carried out (e.g. what new markings were to be installed, how much the carriage way would be widened, what biker guards would be installed etc).
  2. The document produced at the end of the project which would have specified how the project met the objectives defined in the prior document, and inherently would show whether all the planned upgrades were made.
  3. Any statistics available which show the rate and severity of accidents both before and after the works were carried out.

Full response and associated documentation available at:

Published Date 10 Oct 2017 Subject Projects