Vehicle ferry service - Dunoon & Gourock route: FOI release

1. Confirm whether or not the Scottish Government's official policy to have a vehicle ferry service on the Dunoon gourock route has actually changed.

2. If it has changed please give the date the change was made.

3. Advise the person or person who made the decision to change the policy.

4. Advise whether or not all Scottish Ministers were consulted before the change was made.

5. Advise whether or not any Scottish Ministers disagreed with the change and, if so, whom.

6. Were minutes were taken of any consultation and the decision.

7. Please provide the evidence given to the Ministers to show that having a vehicle service on the town centre crossing would increase vehicle emissions as in fact the contrary is true; having a reliable vehicle ferry service on the town centre crossing would reduce road traffic.

8. Please advise if Ministers were made aware that Transport Scotland dispute the figures contained in the Audit scotland report particularly the cost given for new vessels.

9. As originally asked for details of the procedure followed.

Full response and associated documentation available at:

Published Date 6 Jun 2019 Subject Mode of transport