Works at junctions 5 & 6 of the M74: FOI release

Pertaining to junction 5 & 6 of the M74 (South and Northbound)

  1. Details of complaint made 28th-31st March 2018 pertaining to Locus (Junction 5 & 6 of the M74, South and Northbound).
  2. All Risk Assessments pertaining to work being done at the Locus from 1st March 2018 until 6th April 2018.
  3. You refer to metal debris being found, can you be more specific as to what this was, bar, spoon, ROAD SIGN INSERT?
  4. Exact sections and details of legislation this claim is viewed.
  5. The last letter states AMEY did not have any TM on site on the 29th March. I never asked if AMEY direct had this, you refer to work being done at the locus on your inspection sheet attached, can you provide a plan showing how this signage was set out, times and dates this was in-situ.
  6. Record of any defects relating to M8-267147-72424 and how these had been rectified.

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Published Date 24 Sep 2018 Subject Mode of transport