£6 million to keep Argyll and Bute moving

Transport Minister Keith Brown told today’s meeting of the Rest and Be Thankful taskforce that the extra funding would allow further landslide mitigation measures to be put in place now that the work at the Rest and Be Thankful is nearing completion.

The fencing has performed well so far, stopping landslip material from reaching the road on at least two occasions.

The focus of the efforts is now moving to other landslide risk areas. Investigations have been completed at Cairndow and Loch Shira as well as at Glen Kinglas and the new funding allocation will allow mitigation work to get underway there.

The remainder of the investment will help with delivery of other maintenance schemes on the A83, such as The Strone Point realignment and the trunking of the A83 from Kennacraig to Campbeltown.

Transport Minister Keith Brown said:

“In the last seven years, The Scottish Government has invested more than £32 million on the A83, a clear acknowledgement that it is a lifeline route for communities.

“We want the road to remain operational, whatever the conditions, and we have made landslide mitigation our priority.

“Solutions are being delivered by Transport Scotland, with almost £8 million spent around the Rest and Be Thankful in recent years. Debris fences at this location have made a positive difference and the local diversion route along The Old Military Road has been used successfully.

“The A83 Route Study has recommended actions to address landslide hazards at other locations and this funding will allow us to take forward a programme that will achieve a similar level of residual risk from landslides that we have achieved at The Rest.

“The trunking of the road between Campbeltown and Kennacraig is moving forward at pace and this will bring further benefits to the region’s communities and businesses.”

Argyll and Bute Council Leader, Councillor Dick Walsh, welcomed the advice from the Scottish Government that this money is to be invested in one of the area’s lifeline routes. He said:

"The A83 is absolutely crucial to keep Argyll and Bute open for business. It plays a key part in our own strategic objectives of building a strong local economy and encouraging people to come to Argyll and Bute to live, work and visit.

“Such a vital transport connection undoubtedly deserves significant investment. I am delighted with the recognition that it will now be possible to do this mitigation work along the route, as well as the other projects which will all help to keep Argyll and Bute moving.

“This £6 million commitment is a very welcome and encouraging acknowledgement of the importance of the A83 to Argyll and Bute and its people, communities and businesses.”

Further information on the landslide mitigation work can be found at Transport Scotland

For further information contact:
Karen MacKinnon 0141 272 7138 or
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