A75 Hardgrove opens to traffic

Despite one of the wettest winters in recent memory, the contractor made steady progress on the scheme and has been working with Transport Scotland to open the road at the earliest opportunity.

The traffic switch from the old A75 to the new A75 will allow road users to travel the new 3.6 kilometres of road between Carrutherstown and Upper Mains Farm, which will improve overtaking in both the east and westbound directions.

A Transport Scotland spokesperson said:

“Together with the recently completed A75 Dunragit Bypass and A77 Symington to Bogend Toll schemes, the Hardgrove to Kinmount project forms part of a £36.7 million investment on these key routes which will benefit road users by increasing the performance and safety on this stretch of road, improving the number of overtaking opportunities and enhancing sustainable travel options for cyclists and pedestrians.

“The scheme will also improve connectivity and make Scotland an increasingly attractive option for business, leisure and tourism.”

For further information on Hardgrove, please visit Transport Scotland. Drivers are advised to check Traffic Scotland for further information on journey planning advice.

Published 4 Jul 2014 Tags