A9 Safety Group publish latest camera data

The A9 Safety Group has published it latest set of performance data which can be found here

Stewart Leggett, Chair of the A9 Safety Group said

“The latest data shows that in the areas covered by cameras compliance rates remain exceptionally high. The monitoring equipment on the route clearly indicates that there has been a significant shift in driver behaviour with the number of vehicles exceeding the speed limit reduced from 1 in 3 to 1 in 15, and more importantly the number of vehicles travelling at excess speed (10mph above the limit) is down from 1 in 10 before installation and has been maintained at a level of around 1 in 250 since the cameras were introduced.

“The latest figures released by Police Scotland indicate that the level of vehicles exceeding the enforcement thresholds equates to an average of less than 10 per day across the whole of the enforcement area based on an average daily traffic volume of over 10,000 vehicles between Perth & Inverness and 24,000 vehicles daily between Dunblane and Perth. There has been a rise in vehicles exceeding the thresholds but this is not unexpected and the profile is following the experiences encountered on the A77.

“The Scottish Government continues to invest significantly in maintaining the A9 throughout its length and will continue to do so as the dualling works proceed. This additional investment is over and above their £3 billion plans to dual the A9 which are already progressing at pace.

“Recently published surveys have also shown a high level of public appreciation for the cameras and HGV pilot, with 70 per cent of those interviewed feeling safer and less likely to speed with the cameras in place. While this is a welcome step in the right direction, the interim safety plan encompasses a wide range of engineering, education and enforcement measures and, equally important, driver behaviour is key to safety on the A9.”

Published 28 Apr 2015 Tags