A9 speed camera data released

Commenting on the data which includes the casualty figures up to the end of January this year, Stuart Wilson, Chair of the A9 Safety Group, said:

“The longer term downward trend for casualty figures on the A9 is being supported by the latest data which considers the casualty figures over the 27 months since the average speed cameras were installed. The number of fatal and serious casualties between Dunblane and Inverness is down by almost 43%. There have been no fatal casualties between Dunblane and Perth and a reduction of almost 40% in fatal casualties between Perth and Inverness during the monitoring period.

“The other performance data continues to support the positive change in driver behaviour on the route and also highlights evidence to show that the journey time for people travelling between Perth and Inverness has remained consistent.

“The Group’s commitment to making the A9 a safer route will also see a specific safety campaign being launched in June which will focus on driver behaviour related to distraction. Evidence from Police Scotland’s crash investigators highlights a concerning trend of distraction being a significant factor as the cause of accidents on the route and the campaign is designed to raise awareness of this issue.”

Published 30 May 2017 Tags