A90 average speed cameras will improve safety

With the A90 Average Speed Camera (ASC) system between Dundee and Stonehaven due to go live in October 2017, Transport Minister Humza Yousaf met with stakeholders in Montrose to discuss the installation and explain how we expect the scheme will improve road safety.

The construction of the ASC system commenced in May 2017. It will replace the existing fixed and mobile camera enforcement currently taking place on this section of the route. The majority of engineering works are now complete and cameras are now visible along the 51.5 mile stretch of the A90, between Dundee and Stonehaven.

ASCs aim to reduce the number of people killed or seriously injured, deter vehicles driving at excessive speeds, improve journey time reliability and reduce offender numbers.  The ACS system between Dundee and Stonehaven contains 30 sites in total (15 cameras in either direction) with camera locations 5-7km apart.  The system will cost approximately £2m to design, build and install.

Today, Humza Yousaf met with representatives from the North Safety Camera Unit, Tealing Community Council, Forfar Community Council, Stonehaven and District Community Council and the Federation of Small Businesses to discuss progress with the installation and to hear feedback from the local and business communities.

Transport Minister, Humza Yousaf said:

“We know the significant outcomes that average speed cameras can deliver from our experience on the A9 and A77, and we can expect the A90 system between Dundee and Stonehaven to realise a range of improvements, and most importantly fewer people being killed or seriously injured.

“Average speed cameras are about road safety, and these systems have been a proven success. Unfortunately, the A90 consistently features as one of the trunk roads in Scotland with the highest collision statistics. We know that more than three in every five vehicles between Dundee and Stonehaven are speeding with one in five exceeding by over 10mph.

“Eleven people have lost their life on the A90 between Dundee and Stonehaven since 2012.  Any death on our roads is one too many, and I look forward to seeing similar results on the A90 as we’ve seen on the A77 and A9 in reducing casualties and improving driver behaviour. With the improved driver behaviour that Average Speed Cameras bring, we will also see a significant reduction in the number of drivers receiving fines and penalties.

“This was a good opportunity to update a range of local stakeholders on the development of this important road safety measure and it is clear there continues to be wide support for average speed cameras in this region.

“The Scottish Government is committed, through Scotland’s Road Safety Framework to 2020, to achieving safer road travel and working towards an ultimate vision of zero fatalities and reducing the number of serious injuries on our roads."

Published 15 Aug 2017 Tags