A96 and A944 temporary bridges set for removal

Temporary bridges on the A96 near Craibstone and A944 at Kingswells will be removed over the next two weekends, as part of the Aberdeen Western Peripheral Route / Balmedie to Tipperty project (AWPR/B-T).

The temporary bridge on the A96 will be removed this weekend under contraflow. The works are expected to start at around 8pm on Friday 25 November and will continue until around 6am on Monday 28 November. The number of lanes will be reduced on the A96 between Monday 28 November from around 8pm until 6am on Tuesday 29 November to enable works to remove the central pier.

The temporary bridge on the A944 will be removed under contraflow the following weekend, from around 8pm on Friday 2 December until around 6am on Monday 5 December. The number of lanes will be reduced from around 8pm on Monday 5 December until around 6am on Tuesday 6 December to enable workers to remove the central pier.

The number of lanes may also be reduced between 2000 Tuesday 6 December and 0600 Wednesday 7  December, and between 2000 Wednesday 7 December and 0600 Thursday 8 December, if required, to allow the completion of these works on the A944.

The contraflows and lane closures are required to enable the work to be completed safely while providing road users with continued access to the A96 and A944.

A Transport Scotland spokesperson said:

“The temporary bridges have been invaluable in keeping traffic moving on the A96 and A944 while construction works for the AWPR/B-T project continues on either side of, and above, these roads.

“However, it is now time for these temporary bridges to be removed. The new permanent bridge over the A96 will provide uninterrupted access to the site for construction traffic.

“For the A944, the removal of the temporary bridge is part of a series of works which will include using the completed structures on either side of the road as diversion routes. These structures form part of the new permanent road alignment in this area.

“Once the diversion is in place, the contractor will be able to fill in the area between the two structures, providing a permanent link which will connect the AWPR alignment over the A944. This will be used initially by construction traffic to access the AWPR site.

“The removal of the temporary bridges does require contraflows and the reduction of lanes to ensure the safety of workers and road users. These works will take place at the weekend or overnight when roads are generally quieter.”

The dates given are as accurate as possible but may be subject to change at short notice.

When complete, the AWPR/B-T will help to reduce congestion, cut journey times, improve safety and lower pollution in Aberdeen City Centre. It will also enable local authorities to develop public transport solutions.

Over the next three decades, the AWPR/B-T is expected to bring in an additional £6 billion to the north-east economy and create around 14,000 new jobs. Around 1,500 are currently working on the project, including on-the-job training for apprentices and local employment opportunities for long-term unemployed people.

More information on major traffic management works being undertaken on behalf of the AWPR/B-T can be found on the project site at http://www.transport.gov.scot/project/aberdeen-western-peripheral-route-balmedie-tipperty

Published 24 Nov 2016