A96 Inveramsay Bridge Ground Investigations Underway

Keith Brown Inveramsay Bridge visit - Ground Investigations advance works

Transport Minister Keith Brown has been on site to see the start of essential ground investigation works on the £11 million A96 Inveramsay Bridge project.

The advance works will provide companies currently bidding to construct the new road with the necessary detailed information on ground conditions to help inform their emerging designs.

Work on Inveramsay Bridge remains on course to start later this year.

Mr Brown said:

“The start of ground investigation works is another significant step in addressing one of the most notorious bottlenecks in the north-east of Scotland, and will help ensure that full construction work can get underway at Inveramsay before the year is out. Road users will soon feel the benefits of improved journey time reliability and free-flowing traffic and, as we will be removing the risk of rail bridge strikes affecting traffic flows, less congestion and a much improved journey experience.

“Inveramsay is just one scheme in a major transport investment package for the north and north east of Scotland worth billions. We are pressing ahead with the Aberdeen Western Peripheral Route/Belmedie-Tipperty scheme and are currently scrutinising tenders from the three bidding parties vying for the prestigious contract to build a road which will bring enormous economic and transport benefits across the region. We expect to announce the preferred bidder later this year.

“We are also making significant progress on the A9 and A96 dualling programmes, collectively representing a £6 billion investment and which will make the major roads connecting north to south and north-east to north-west of Scotland fit for purpose.”

Images of Mr Brown’s visit to Inveramsay for general use are attached, with further images available on request.

Notes to editors

1. Construction of the improved Inveramsay Bridge is expected to last for around a year and will involve complex engineering works. The appointed contractor will be required to build a new bridge over the existing railway as part of the new 1.5 km road. Currently, road users travel under the railway bridge.

2. The shortlisted construction companies are Balfour Beatty Regional Civil Engineering, Farrans Construction, Morrison Construction and RJ McLeod (Contractors) Ltd.

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