AWPR/B-T Works ready to blast-off

Experts to oversee rock blasting and drilling

The blasting programme will start between Rothnick and Cleanhill, north of Cookney, where a section of the Fastlink will be constructed. These works will help to lower the ground to the new road level.

The works are complex and it is difficult to predict a precise programme, however, it is expected to take around 14 weeks, and blasting times will be between 10am and 4pm Monday to Friday only, with the aim of one blast each day.

The blasting will remove sections of rock which can’t be taken out through other means.

Alan Gibson, General Manager for Aberdeen Roads Limited, said: “Safety is the most important factor as we move this construction programme forward and ensuring the local community is aware of these major earthworks and blasting operations is a vital part of our planning process.

“Before these excavations take place, we will consult with owners and residents in nearby properties, as well as local authority officials and environmental regulators.

“When blasting is due to take place, a specially qualified expert responsible for the works will make sure there are no people or vehicles within a specific distance of the site before allowing the detonation to happen.

“To ensure the safety of all, people must not enter our site without permission. The presence of untrained personnel is extremely hazardous. “These works will be carried out with minimal disruption to surrounding communities as our specialist contractors have significant experience in this type of work. People nearby may hear a dull thud immediately after blast and may see a small plume of dust.”

All blasting will follow a strict warning procedure. A series of sirens will alert the local community and workers that a blast is about to take place. The first siren will sound for 30-seconds three minutes before blasting takes place and, immediately before detonation, there will be three short siren bursts. When blasting is complete, the siren will sound twice.

Alan continued: “Recycling of materials is a key commitment for the AWPR/B-T project and rock and earth excavated during these works will be reused along the length of the roads to form embankments or to make aggregates for concrete, road and drainage purposes, wherever possible.

Local traffic management plans are already in place for local roads near the site during the blasting period, and site safety representatives will signal traffic with stop/go boards to ensure that they are a safe distance from the area where the blasting is taking place.

An information leaflet, which has been distributed to local residents and businesses can be found on the project website here

Notes to editors

Notes for editors

A media opportunity will be available on the rock blasting and drilling operations. Further information will be provided upon request.

Published 9 Jul 2015