Craibstone Roundabout Road Markings

Following routine monitoring of the new Craibstone roundabout and discussions with stakeholders, the AWPR/B-T contractor has confirmed that it will be making some minor alterations to the road markings this weekend (from 8pm Friday 9 September to 6am Monday 12 September).

After these markings are in place, the contractor will continue to monitor traffic movements on the roundabout to ensure it operates as expected and to identify any further changes necessary to improve its effectiveness.

Once the new AWPR opens to traffic, the markings at the Craibstone roundabout will be reconfigured to accommodate access to and from the new road.

Road users should drive with more caution than usual, until they become accustomed to the new road layout.

To accommodate these works, the contractor will use traffic management which had already been planned for this area. This involves a contraflow and lane closures on the A96 between 8pm on Friday 9 September and 6am on Monday 12 September.

Published 9 Sep 2016