Latest A9 Average Speed Camera results published

Humza Yousaf, Minister for Transport and the Islands said:

“Safety is an absolute priority and every road death is one too many. The latest A9 Safety Group figures indicate the route is much safer since the average speed cameras were introduced. The data marks the mid-point in the three year evaluation period and, shows over the last 18 months, four fewer people have been killed, 22 fewer seriously injured and 62 fewer people slightly injured.

“This extremely encouraging picture is to be welcomed and I would urge all A9 users, particularly the small minority who continue to take risks, to play their part in reducing accidents as we progress our £3 billion A9 dualling programme.”

Stewart Leggett, Chair of the A9 Safety Group said:

“Since the cameras were introduced there has been a sustained improvement in driver behaviour and we are now seeing a corresponding fall in casualties. The A9 Safety Group is heartened by the early outcomes and as the dualling progresses we will build upon the early work of the Group to maintain the improved driver behaviour and support further casualty savings”

Published 30 Aug 2016