Latest A9 Safety Camera Data published

Commenting on the release of data which covers the first two years of the A9 Interim Safety Plan, Stuart Wilson, Chair of the A9 Safety Group, said:

“These most recent figures continue to demonstrate that driver behaviour on the A9 between Dunblane and Inverness has significantly improved since the introduction of average speed cameras, with the number of overall casualties down by 37%. Improvements have been seen both north and south of Perth, journey times are more reliable and this vital route has seen fewer incidents and delays. The A9 dualling is underway and users of the route will soon be able to benefit from these works.

“We are pleased that the number of vehicles travelling at excess speed is down by 95% over this period, and that measured journey times remain consistent and within the original estimated range. Figures from Police Scotland also demonstrate that there is a 63% reduction in the number of drivers detected for speeding offences.

“Whilst these figures are encouraging, we will continue to monitor the A9 to further improve the safety of the route. The A9 Safety Group, which met in Inverness earlier this week, has been proactive in running safer driving campaigns on the route in previous years and intends to launch a summer campaign which will focus on driver distraction.”


The latest data is available at

Published 24 Feb 2017