Longman Lights Trial

The timings of the traffic lights at the Longman roundabout in Inverness are to be changed in an attempt to reduce delays at the busy junctions, especially at peak times.

The trial follows an in-depth assessment of the operation of the roundabout which has been carried-out over the last few months by Transport Scotland and their contractors. The statistics gathered during the exercise have now been used to test various scenarios to establish the most efficient way to manage traffic at the intersection.

Four options were considered during the process, including removing the signals completely, but the option of speeding up the timings was shown to deliver the best results. Following consultation with The Highland Council, the trial will begin in late August to avoid the peak tourist season and will run to mid-September.

Transport Scotland’s Operating Company Manager, Jonny Moran said:

“We are very aware of the concerns of those who use the Longman roundabout and we want to address these to improve conditions for road users.

“Our analysis has shown that changing the timings of the signals will have a positive effect on traffic flows and we will trial the new approach at the end of the summer.

“Many people in the area have told us that they want the lights to be switched off permanently and we did consider this option. However, the assessment showed that the timing changes that we intend to trial delivered better results for all road users, especially at peak times.

“The trial will be closely monitored and will continue until mid-September. An evaluation will then be completed before a decision is made on the future operation of the lights.

“We very much appreciate the patience of those who use the roundabout during this process. It does take time to collect the information required to make any changes as we have a responsibility to maintain road safety and an evidence based approach is the most effective way of doing that.”

Published 30 Jun 2016