M8 Woodside Viaducts

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The installation of temporary propping systems at the M8 Woodside Viaducts continues.

Ongoing design and construction works has revealed the extent and complexity of the measures required to temporarily prop the viaducts and return the M8 to full traffic capacity.  This has resulted in revised estimated costs and timescale to be determined.

The cost range for the project is now £126-£152 million.

The temporary propping work is now expected to be fully completed in early 2026. However, the contractor is working towards delivering the eastbound carriageway sooner, in Summer 2025.

Transport Scotland acknowledge the disruption that is being experienced by the travelling public as a result of the ongoing temporary propping works and appreciate the patience of road users. However, we continue to work closely with the contractor to ensure that the works are delivered safely and at the earliest opportunity.

Transport Scotland’s Director of Major Projects, Lawrence Shackman said:

“The M8 Woodside Viaducts are a vital element of Scotland’s motorway network, carrying 150,000 vehicles daily.

“Our Principal Contractor, Amey, has been delivering this highly complex work on behalf of Transport Scotland while ensuring this busy section of the M8 motorway remains open.

“The ongoing temporary propping works are challenging due to the varying ground conditions and site constraints, including the presence of a plethora of public utilities as well as the Glasgow subway underground tunnels.

“Once the structure is fully propped, lane restrictions on the M8 can be removed.

“The construction programme expects the eastbound viaduct lane restrictions to be removed in summer 2025, followed by the removal of the westbound viaduct lane restrictions in early 2026.”

Published 29 May 2024 Tags