This latest round of funding (Round 5) is the largest amount ever allocated to the Fund and is expected to secure 40-45 new vehicles for Scotland’s eco-friendly bus fleet which will help to lower carbon emissions.

Since the Scottish Green Bus Fund was launched in 2010, 126 low carbon buses have been purchased by bus operators, which can deliver 30 per cent reductions in greenhouse gas emissions as compared with typical Euro III diesel buses, along with significant fuel savings.

Bus operators, local authorities and Regional Transport Partnerships across Scotland will shortly be invited to submit applications for funding. Details will be published on the Transport Scotland website.

Transport Minister Keith Brown said:

“I am pleased to announce further financial support for the Scottish Green Bus Fund which sets out our commitment to the bus industry in Scotland. We have already awarded around £10 million to bus operators for the purchase of low carbon buses since the scheme was launched in 2010.

“The Scottish Government is committed to public transport and to our ambitious climate change target of reducing carbon emissions by 42 per cent by 2020.

“Low carbon transport benefits us all through an improved environment and a strong public transport network plays a part in this, as well as cutting congestion on the roads and making them safer for all users. It is encouraging to note that performance returns from bus operators indicate that new low carbon buses purchased under the Fund are achieving significant savings in fuel and reduction in emissions.”

The Scottish Green Bus Fund aims to cut greenhouse gas emissions, improve air quality and accessibility and encourage modal shift. Feedback from previous rounds of the scheme shows significant fuel savings and reduced emissions.

Gavin Booth, Senior Officer of Bus Users Scotland said:

"Bus passengers in Scotland are very aware of the environmental issues that affect us all, and will welcome this latest round of the Scottish Green Bus Fund, which helps bus operators to invest in the latest emission reducing technology .

“The Scottish Government has led the way in recognising that investing in the latest technology is paving the way for a greener and cleaner environment for everyone.”

Notes to editors

  1. The Scottish Green Bus Fund, was first launched on 5 July 2010. It was developed to incentivise the purchase of Low Carbon Vehicles (LCV).
  2. Low carbon vehicles enable buses to have an environmental advantage over other modes. They enable growth of the carbon savings per passenger, they have lower NOX and particulate emissions helping to improve air quality in cities and thereby encouraging more people to use them.
  3. LCVs reduce fuel consumption and greenhouse gas emissions by 30 per cent compared to standard diesel vehicles.
  4. The Scottish Green Bus Fund operates as a Challenge Fund with fixed annual budget. The Fund currently offers successful bidders up to 80% of the price differential between a new Low Carbon Bus and its diesel equivalent.
  5. The following funding has been awarded to bus operators over the past four years:

£2.4m – 2013/14

£1.9m – 2012/13

£1.5m – 2011/12

£4.3m – 2000/11

Published 8 May 2014