Ministerial statement - Carmont incident

Jenny Gilruth, Minister for Transport said:

“The events of August 12th, 2020 were absolutely devastating for the rail industry in Scotland, but of course the real victims were those who lost their lives, or suffered injury, some serious, and their families and loved ones. My thoughts are obviously with them at this time, as this report will bring their pain and anguish to the fore again.  

“While the RAIB report is very clear there was nothing about the way the train was driven which caused the accident, the primary cause – that Network Rail’s contractor did not construct the drainage system correctly – will add to families’ pain and sorrow. Three people dying as a result of the Carmont derailment was three people too many. 

“The report makes a series of recommendations across rail and road in relation to water management and climate adaptation. Some of these have already been implemented but there is recognition more must be done. While rail remains the safest form of transport, we must seek to learn the lessons from this incident, to improve further the safety of all who work and travel on the railways of Scotland. And we will continue to work with industry partners and the UK Government to deliver improvements that make our railways safer and more resilient to the challenges of adverse weather events. Indeed, I have written to the UK Government today to seek their assurances we can engage constructively on these matters. 

“The Scottish Government is clear - we cannot allow a repeat of the terrible Carmont tragedy.”


Published 10 Mar 2022 Tags