Ministerial Statement

The Scottish Government has announced plans to extend the current Emergency Measures Agreements (EMAs) for the ScotRail and Caledonian Sleeper franchises.

The EMAs which were put in place in March 2021 will now be in place until December 2021.

These agreements will carry on to help to secure the sustainability of Scotland’s rail services through this transitional period.

Train operators will continue to receive payments to cover operating costs as necessary because of reduced revenues with a small incentive payment linked strictly to good performance.

Transport Minister Graeme Dey said:

“As we continue through a period of economic recovery from the pandemic we have extended the Emergency Measures Agreements in order to minimise disruption to passengers and rail employees and allow passenger services to continue to operate during this period.

“This extension until December 2021 continues the extraordinary level of financial support from the Scottish Government for the rail industry and its staff which has been maintained throughout the pandemic.

“We know our train operators are doing all they can to encourage passengers back to Scotland’s railway and we will work with the rail industry and the UK Government during the coming months to understand the ongoing impact of the outbreak and the contractual arrangements required after December 2021. It is recognised that the current exceptional levels of support are not likely to be financially sustainable beyond the pandemic period.”


Published 20 Sep 2021 Tags