Mobility as a service innovation fund opens

A new fund which aims to encourage people out of cars and onto our sustainable public transport network has opened for applications.

Transport Secretary Michael Matheson made the announcement as he addressed the Mobility as a Service (MaaS) Scotland annual conference in Edinburgh today.

Following a period of engagement and consultation with the sector to develop the scope and criteria for the fund, applications are now ready to be accepted between June 20 and August 30, 2019 for the first year contracts.

Funding for this exciting initiative is available over the next 3 years (2019 to 2021) for projects to grow the evidence base on the potential for delivery of MaaS solutions in Scotland.

Mr Matheson said:

“Since the fund was announced last September as part of our Programme for Government, Transport Scotland has been engaging with public bodies, transport operators, suppliers and others to shape up the criteria for this fund. It is very pleasing to now be able to open the MaaS fund up for applications from the sector, so that work can begin in earnest to support the testing of the concept in Scotland.

“The concept behind MaaS is to join up multiple different modes of transport and allow users to create their own unique journey from A to B and pay for it with a simple tap on their smart device.

“MaaS fundamentally is about providing people with easy, digital access to comprehensive travel information and purchasing options, so they can be better informed as to the different ways to undertake their journey and have options on how to pay for it.

“We want to help Scotland to become an international leader in this area. The concept has the potential to transform the way we use transport by making public and shared transport options as desirable as owning our own car. It’s about increasing simplicity and reducing barriers for those choosing to travel and encouraging them to choose sustainable options.

“This funding aims to unlock innovation in this area, doing so will make an important contribution in our drive to create a healthier, more sustainable Scotland.”

Stephen Taylor, CEO of Technology Scotland, which operates MaaS Scotland said:

“The projects made possible by the Scottish Government’s MaaS Investment fund will provide much needed evidence for the impact of Mobility as a Service on the way we travel. In doing so they will also place Scotland at the leading edge of global developments in an area that is fast moving from concept to delivery. Through the MaaS Scotland network we are fortunate to have a cluster of public and private sector organisations with internationally recognised skills and expertise, and we are confident that this fund will deliver exciting outcomes that could have a significant impact on the way we engage with transport in the future.

“We look forward to seeing these projects develop as we build the case for MaaS upscale as part of a future transport strategy which could transform the way we travel in our cities and rural areas.”

Organisations can find out more and apply here: 

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