Moving Conversations with Lee Craigie

Lee Craigie, Scotland’s Ambassador for Active Travel, former professional mountain biker, outdoor educationalist and child therapist, continues her podcast series Moving Conversations.

A portrait photo of Lee Craigie, Scotland’s Ambassador for Active Travel

In the latest episode for 2023, Lee speaks with Professor Nanette Mutrie MBE former Chair of Physical Activity for Health at the University of Edinburgh on the importance of movement for our wellbeing and happiness. They explore how through the simple act of choosing to move more actively from A to B – whether walking, wheeling or cycling – it can result in profound and beneficial improvements to our sense of self. Lee also hears from Professor Richard Mitchell from the School of Health and Wellbeing at Glasgow University and Rob Friel, a Rheumatology Extended Scope Practitioner for the NHS on the benefits of physical activity.

In each episode of Moving Conversations, Lee takes a walk or a bike ride with someone who has something to say on the barriers to, and benefits of, walking, wheeling or cycling for transport. While these conversations move through traffic free environments, Lee and her guests explore the possibilities and the pitfalls faced when trying to make our communities healthier, happier and fairer places to enjoy.

Scotland’s Ambassador for Active Travel Lee Craigie said:

“Active travel is a phrase we’re hearing more and more these days – but what is it? What does it mean when we choose to travel actively and how does it benefit us individually and collectively?

“We’re in an environmental and health crisis. The benefits of walking, wheeling and cycling are obvious, but we know it’s not as easy to choose active travel as it should be. Sometimes it feels like our communities have been designed around cars and not people. Worse still, our environment and modern life can often reduce us to opposing tribes of motorist or cyclist – instead of people all just trying to get from A to B.

“For me, Moving Conversations is about rediscovering the joy that comes from travelling under our own steam and reconnecting with that sense of freedom many of remember from our younger years. We can and desperately need to rediscover this joy – and in doing so, we can spark personal journeys that I believe can help us live healthier, happier and ultimately more fulfilled lives.”

Moving Conversations can be found on all major podcast providers. Previous guests include Minister for Active Travel Patrick Harvie MSP and Minister for Social Care, Mental Wellbeing and Sport Maree Todd MSP.

Published 6 Apr 2023 Tags