New bus ‘Pass Collect’ app for Scotland

Free bus travel for under 22s

Transport Scotland has launched a new application to help people aged 16-21 access free bus travel.

The new mobile application, ‘Transport Scot Pass Collect’, lets people aged 16-21, who already have a Young Scot National Entitlement Card (NEC) or non-Young Scot branded NEC, to transfer free bus travel onto their NEC card, without having to apply for a replacement card. The app is now available on Google and Apple stores.

Approximately 140,000 existing card holders are anticipated to benefit from this new application. This will make it faster for people who already have NEC cards to start taking advantage of free bus travel for U22s in Scotland.

Minister for Transport Jenny Gilruth said:

“I’m pleased to welcome the new Transport Scot Pass Collect app. This will make it easier for so many existing card holders aged 16-21 to start enjoying the benefits of free bus travel.

“We are committed to giving Scotland’s children and young people the very best chances to succeed in life, whether that is work, leisure or education. Young people have also rightly challenged us to invest in a sustainable future for them – free bus travel for all under 22s will help to deliver that.

“The Transport Scot Pass Collect app speeds up the process for existing card holders between 16 and 21, and will enable our partners to process new applications as a priority.”

Kirsten Urquhart Interim Chief Executive at Young Scot said:

“The new Transport Scot Pass Collect app is an easy way for 16-21 year olds to access free bus travel – helping them to quickly start enjoying the positive benefits the scheme will have on their lives. We’ve also produced a handy ‘how to’ video in partnership with Transport Scotland that will support young people to add free bus travel to their cards.”


No personal data is held on the mobile application. The purpose of the app is to use near field communication to transfer a travel product onto an eligible NEC card. The NEC card is then used for travel on bus services.

Information about the scheme, how to apply and how to access the mobile application for existing card holders is available. The app is available on the Google and Apple Store.

Watch a step-by-step guide on how to use the app.

The Young Persons’ Free Travel Scheme is administered in partnership with the Improvement Service, the National Entitlement Card Programme Office and Young Scot. Applications remain open for children and young people to get their new or replacement National Entitlement Card (NEC) or Young Scot NEC which is required to use the scheme.

Published 28 Feb 2022 Tags