Public Exhibitions on A9 Safety Plans

The latest in a series of public exhibitions, outlining safety plans for the A9 are taking place in Dunblane and Auchterarder next week.

Representatives from the A9 Safety Group will be on-hand to answer any questions about the engineering, education and enforcement measures that are taking place along the route as well as plans for average speed cameras.

The public will be able to see the design of the average speed camera system as well as get further information on planned safety enhancements such as improved safety barriers, lighting and vegetation clearance.

The exhibitions will be held at,

  • Tuesday 29th April – Victoria Hall, Supper Room – Dunblane
  • Wednesday 30th April – Aytoun Hall, Main Hall – Auchterarder

Both will run between 12:00 pm and 7:00 pm

Chair of the A9 Safety Group, Stewart Leggett said:

“The safety issues on the A9 are complex and a variety of solutions are being used to help cut the number of fatal and serious accidents. All of these concentrate on engineering, education and enforcement.

“The plan to have average speed cameras has sparked a great deal of constructive debate. Scottish, UK and global research shows that the cameras have a positive influence on driving behaviour and that they are consistently effective in reducing accidents, particularly those resulting in death and serious injury.

“The A9 Safety Group firmly believes that its co-ordinated programme of improvements will cut the number of accidents on the route and we look forward to telling people more about our work.

"These events follow similar exhibitions further North. We want to hear what people think about our proposals as well as have the opportunity o explain the thinking and evidence behind them.”

Notes to editors

The latest information on the A9 Safety Group is available at

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