Public welcomes new proposals for A82 Pulpit Rock closures

Previously, a 14 week full road closure was identified to undertake these essential works. Aware of the impact this would have on local communities and businesses, Transport Scotland and its contractor, McLaughlin & Harvey Ltd worked together to develop a more favourable solution.

The works will now take place using a series of overnight closures between June 2013 and May 2014, along with one full closure for less than a week in January 2014.

The new proposals were agreed with full support from local businesses, residents and other affected parties following consultation in April. Work can now get underway later this month with less impact on all road users and visitors to the area.

Transport Minister, Keith Brown said:

“The Scottish Government remains committed to our ambitious plans to upgrade the A82 and that includes the Pulpit Rock scheme.

“By its very nature, Pulpit Rock presents geographical and engineering challenges. The road is strategically important as a key route between the Highlands and islands and the central belt, while its natural beauty attracts many tourists. Any solution has to ensure the needs of all users are met without detracting from its vital role to the local tourism economy.

“Having listened to local concerns about the 14-week closure, Transport Scotland and its contractor have developed a less disruptive solution to deliver these improvements. We welcome the wide support given during the recent consultation for the new programme of overnight closures.

“No closure is ever ideal but I am pleased that a solution has been found to minimise the impact for everyone using the A82 in this area.“

Sam Watters, Project Manager, McLaughlin & Harvey said:

“We recognised from the outset that any reduction in the proposed 14 week closure would be a great benefit to the local community, business owners and road users. With that goal in mind we tailored our design solution and construction methodology to achieve this significant reduction in road closures thus limiting the potential impact to road users.”

The Pulpit Rock improvements will see a 0.4km length of new road built, with one lane in each direction. This will include a new structure that runs parallel to the shoreline and some widening of the existing road.

Work will get underway later this month and is expected to last approximately 12 months.

The first series of road closures will be Monday 10th June 2013 to Thursday 24th June (except 21st & 22nd). During this period, the road will close at 10pm each night and re-open at 6am each day.

Notes to editors

  1. Transport Scotland is the Scottish Government’s national transport agency responsible for; aviation, bus, freight and taxi policy; coordinating the National Transport Strategy for Scotland; ferries, ports and harbours; impartial travel services; liaising with regional transport partnerships, including monitoring of funding; local roads policy; major public transport projects; national concessionary travel schemes; rail and trunk road networks; sustainable transport, road safety and accessibility; the Blue Badge Scheme. Transport Scotland is an Executive agency accountable to Scottish Ministers.
  2. Further information including dates for overnight closures and the full closure will begin to be publicised in advance as far as possible, using the Transport Scotland website, Traffic Scotland, variable message signs and newspaper adverts.
  3. The £9.2m contract for construction was awarded to McLaughlin & Harvey in February 2013.
  4. The proposed dates for the night time closures are:
      • 10th to 24th June 2013 (except 21st & 22nd)
      • 3 weeks in August 2013 & 3 weeks in September 2013
      • 2 weeks in October 2013 & 1 week in November 2013
      • Less than 1 week in March 2014
      • 1 week in April 2014 & 1 week in May 2014
      • A full closure of less than 1 week in January 2014
      • There may be opportunities for “wave-throughs” during the overnight closures in October/November to permit traffic to pass and this will be confirmed nearer the time.

Published 16 May 2013