Queensferry Crossing shaping up : 100 metre long deck sections ready to span the Forth

On a previous visit Ms Sturgeon watched as the first coffer dam section, used to lay the foundations for the bridge’s central towers, left the dock in Rosyth to take position in the Firth of Forth.

Today’s visit showcases preparations on the south shores of the Forth where the huge sections of deck are being made ready to be pushed out across the viaduct piers high above the water.

Ms Sturgeon commented:

“When I visited the site last November I saw the structures being dispatched to start work on the tower foundations. Since then the world’s largest underwater concrete pour has taken place and now the towers are emerging above the water.

“This fantastic progress is being matched on the land. Looking at the 100 metre long section of deck really shows you just how vast the final Queensferry Crossing will be. It’s a credit to the hard work of those involved in delivering the project to have made such progress so far.

The FRC project has benefited 365 Scottish firms that have won 90% of supply orders and nearly 60% of sub contracts worth over £140 million.”

Notes to editors


  • The Forth Replacement Crossing project will construct the new Queensferry Crossing, including connecting road network
  • The budget for the Forth Replacement Crossing project including the Queensferry Crossing has a set budget range of an upper and a lower limit
  • This had previously been set at £1.45 billion to £1.6 billion and has been revised to £1.4 billion to £1.45 billion


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Published 9 Dec 2013