Queensferry Crossing to reopen

The Queensferry Crossing is reopening to traffic for tomorrow’s morning peak period with the celebratory events of the last few days successfully completed.

Traffic management will direct road users onto the new crossing and a speed limit of 40 mph will be in place on the approach roads and over the bridge.  Drivers are being urged to approach with care to familiarise themselves with the road layout.

The Forth Road Bridge will remain open to pedestrians and cyclists as work continues to make the final connections to the new network.

Traffic Scotland Operator Manager, Stein Connelly said:

“Demand for using the Queensferry Crossing when it first opened last week was very high. People were understandably coming to see the new bridge and this did lead to congestion.

“With the Crossing reopening tomorrow we would urge road users to plan their journeys. Traffic is likely to be very heavy and long delays are possible. If you are commuting, check Traffic Scotland and @trafficscotland on Twitter for the latest information before you leave and if you are coming to the area to visit the bridge, we would ask that you do so when traffic is lighter.

“We have seen tremendous levels of interest in the Crossing and we really appreciate people’s patience as the new arrangements bed-in”

Inspector Peter Houston of Police Scotland’s Roads Policing Unit said: 

“Following last week’s successful opening of the Queensferry Crossing, we are supporting Transport Scotland to ensure that the crossing reopens in a safe and organised manner on Thursday, September 7.

“We do expect there to be long delays as people come to see the new bridge over the coming days.  We would advise members of the public who currently cross the Firth of Forth as part of their commute to think about disruptions to their journey and to allow for extra travel time as traffic levels adjust.

“Those who are travelling to the Crossing for non-essential journeys are asked to consider very careful the timings of their visit and whether their journey is necessary. 

“Anyone wishing to find out more about reopening of the Queensferry Crossing can visit www.theforthbridges.org or for real time updates follow @trafficscotland on Twitter.”

Published 6 Sep 2017 Tags