Rail fares increase level confirmed

Transport Scotland has today confirmed the fares increase it will put in place for 2023.

Following an extended fares freeze in Scotland, from July fares will increase by 4.8%. This excludes season and flexi tickets which remain frozen at current prices, ensuring those who use rail frequently are encouraged to continue.

This is substantially lower than inflation and below recent rises in incomes. They are also lower than increases elsewhere in the UK where fares recently increased by almost 6%.

Ministers have agreed these fares after lengthy consideration to ensure rail services are sustainable in the longer term and that budgets align with the overall funding available.

Mairi McAllan, Cabinet Secretary for Transport, Net Zero and Just Transition said:

“The Scottish Government rightly made the decision to freeze fares as part of its response to the cost-of-living crisis. While this has now remained in place for around 18 months, it is simply no longer sustainable.

“From 3 July 2023, ScotRail fares will increase by 4.8%, compared to 5.9% fares rise across the rest of Great Britain, current RPI of 8.7% and the August 2022 RPI rate of 12.3%.

“This fares rise does not include season tickets and flexi-passes which will remain frozen at current prices, ensuring those who use rail frequently are not discouraged from continuing to do so.

“This below inflation increase means fares remain, on average, lower than across the rest of Great Britain.

“We know that any increase is unwelcome for passengers, therefore we have kept the rise as low as possible to maintain the attractiveness and affordability of rail as a travel option.

“We aim to continue this approach with the peaks fares removal pilot from October this year.”

The fares increase will take effect from 3 July, and fully visible for the public in fares systems from 20 June.

Peak fares pilot example

  • A peak return ticket travelling between Glasgow Queen Street and Edinburgh Waverley will pay £1.30 more after 3 July but will save £14.00 during the ScotRail peak fares removal pilot which launches in October 2023.


Published 15 Jun 2023