Road works consultation gets underway

Transport Minister Humza Yousaf today (20 July) announced the start of the consultation which aims to develop the regulation of road works in Scotland.  

The Scottish Government wants to hear the views on proposals to raise standards and improve the quality of road works, enhance enforcement and provide additional powers for the Scottish Road Works Commissioner.

The consultation includes recommendations from Jim Barton’s independent review in 2016 of the Office and Functions of the Scottish Road Works Commissioner.

Mr Yousaf said:

“The planning and coordination of road works in Scotland, is already streets ahead of the rest the UK. We have a single register for all utility road works which covers the whole of Scotland. We are unique in having the Scottish Road Works Commissioner to oversee the planning and coordination of road works, promote good practice, and ultimately consider enforcement action.  However, despite having many strengths, we recognise there is still room for improvement.

“Road works are often where our busy lives intersect with our reliance on utility services. Our expectation is that where there is an unforeseen interruption to our water, electricity, gas or broadband services, the necessary repairs will be carried out quickly, and disruption to road users will be kept to a minimum.  Our road network is an important national asset and we need to be confident that we have the right measures in place to ensure that those digging up the road, reinstate the road properly and get it right first time.

“We have worked closely with key stakeholders including Angus Carmichael the current Scottish Road Works Commissioner, to develop these proposals and I would like to thank Angus, those representing road authorities and utility companies for their input.”

Angus Carmichael, the Scottish Road Works Commissioner said:

“During my 21 months in post, I have been particularly welcoming of the opportunity to work in partnership with roads authorities, utility companies and the Scottish Government on input to this important consultation on improving the regulation of road works in Scotland.  This process provides a rare opportunity for the road works community to help further improve the regulatory framework and ultimately the management of road works across Scotland.”

Members of the public will be able to access the consultation via the Transport Scotland website until 12 October 2017.

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