Scottish Government statement on July 2015 Retail Prices Index (RPI) in relation to Rail Fares

"Scotland’s railways are offering an ever more attractive travel option and, through our £5 billion package of rail investment, including next month’s reopening of the Border Railway, we want to see a continued shift from road to rail. By continuing to offer customers reliable and safe services, a range of fare options and real value for money, more than 92 million passengers travelled on ScotRail services last year – an increase of 6 million.

“The continued freeze on the cost of off-peak rail fares, for the third consecutive year, is good news and will help encourage passengers to shift to more lightly used services where possible.”


Notes to editors


It has just been announced that the July 2015 Retail Prices Index (RPI) is 1%. The July RPI is used to determine the rate of increase in regulated fares on ScotRail services. ScotRail’s regulated peak fares will therefore increase by 1% from 2 January 2016 under the formula RPI plus 0%, and regulated off peak fares will remain frozen under the formula RPI minus 1%. This means that four out of 10 ScotRail journeys will be frozen at the current level.

ScotRail’s regulated fares within the Franchise Agreement are Anytime singles and returns, Off-Peak singles and returns, and Season tickets. Unregulated fares including Super Off-Peak and Advance fares are a commercial matter for ScotRail

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