South West Scotland focus of new transport study

Minister for Transport & Islands, Humza Yousaf

Improvements to road, rail, public transport and active travel will be considered by a new study looking at improving transport provision in the south west of Scotland. The study will have a particular focus on access to the ports at Cairnryan.

Transport Scotland today announced the intention to award the contract for the work to AECOM Ltd. 

Subject to completion of the mandatory standstill period, the study will start in April and is expected to report in Winter 18/19. The findings will help inform the forthcoming review of Scottish Government’s transport investment priorities through the second Strategic Transport Projects Review (STPR) which will be aligned with the next National Planning Framework and will consider future opportunities across the whole of Scotland.

Transport Minister, Humza Yousaf said:

“In the Programme for Government the Scottish Government re-affirmed the commitment to commence work for the second Strategic Transport Projects Review in the Dumfries and Galloway area. This would include a specific focus on the ports at Cairnryan.

“This study will take forward that commitment by considering how we can improve road, rail, public transport and active travel on the key strategic corridors including the A75, A76, A77 and A701 together with the railway corridors to Stranraer and Carlisle via Kilmarnock and Dumfries. 

“Working with partners in Dumfries and Galloway, East and South Ayrshire Councils as well as SWestrans and Strathclyde Partnership for Transport, Transport Scotland will identify a range of options for improving transport that can be considered as part of the second Strategic Transport Projects Review which will look at future transport infrastructure projects for the whole of Scotland. These options could include new rail services, improvements to existing road and active travel infrastructure and improved public transport provision.

“The recent Ayrshire Transport Summit was another good example of the kind of partnership working, bringing together East, North and South Ayrshire Councils, local politicians and transport providers to identify transport problems and opportunities within the Ayrshire area. The outputs from the summit will inform a forthcoming regional transport appraisal which is part of the Ayrshire Growth Deal and could also form part of an initial contribution to the evidence gathering phase of the South West Scotland Study. ”

Published 16 Mar 2018 Tags