Speed limit reduction for the A9/A96 Raigmore Interchange

Cab Sec Control Centre 1

A new 30mph speed limit is now in effect at the A9/A96 Raigmore Interchange in Inverness.

Following a review of pedestrian crossing points at the interchange, it is expected that the new speed limit will help improve safety for those choosing to walk, wheel and cycle at the location and reduce conflict between drivers and pedestrians.

The new limit covers the A96 approaches, the interchange itself and on the A9 slip-roads joining and leaving the interchange. The 30mph on Millburn Road has now been extended from its previous location eastwards so that it provides a continuous limit for users.

This speed limit reduction covers all the uncontrolled pedestrian crossing points in the area as well as regulating speeds on the interchange. The reduced speed limit aims to improve safety and allow for the future provision of traffic signals and controlled crossing points at the interchange.

Cabinet Secretary for Transport, Infrastructure and Connectivity Michael Matheson said:

“The new speed limit at the Raigmore Interchange will help improve road safety and make it easier for people to walk, wheel and cycle for everyday journeys. It will allow for future signal controlled crossing points which are planned for this location.

“In addition to segregated infrastructure, we know that in some road environments, reducing speed limits in the right locations can help contribute to improved road safety. This step aims to make it easier for people to choose active travel at this location.

“Road safety remains a priority for the Scottish Government. In addition to annually assessing the trunk road network for opportunities to improve road safety, we’ve been consulting on developing an ambitious new Road Safety Framework for Scotland to 2030, which I look forward to publishing next year.”

Published 2 Dec 2020 Tags