Transport Minister calls for support to deliver rail freight growth

Announcing the launch of the Scottish Government’s consultation document, ‘Delivering the Goods’, Mr Mackay said:

“I see a positive, sustainable future for rail freight where it plays a significant role in Scotland’s economic growth through providing safer, greener, and more efficient ways of transporting products and materials, opening up routes through which we can do business with the world.”

“Key to the future success of rail freight is creating an environment where the industry has the space to innovate and where it can work together for the benefit of its customers.”

The Minister also recognised the issues facing the industry and the importance of partnership working in overcoming the challenges, saying:

“This is undoubtedly a critical time for the rail freight industry in Scotland with decline in traditional markets.

“Our consultation recognises this and I want to support the industry as it seeks out new opportunities and to help it grow existing markets. But the Scottish Government cannot do this alone, particularly in the current fiscal climate. To make this work, we need a firm commitment from the rail freight industry and its customers to work with us and together to deliver success. Through this consultation, I want to hear from everyone with an interest in rail freight”.

Notes to editors

Notes for news editors:

The consultation closes on 22 January 2016. Transport Scotland will be continuing its stakeholder engagement throughout the consultation period.

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